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Tiffany Tenille
Tiffany Tenille
Tiffany Tenille
Tiffany Tenille

"Written and directed by Perrier, Jezebel also introduces us to the talents of the sublime Tiffany Tenille, a young tour-de-force to watch. In her vulnerably seductive portrayal of Tiffany/Jezebel, a star is not only born; she has risen."   -Tonja Renée Stidhum

"Tenille’s ability to drastically shift from spontaneous glee to a wellspring of anger and hurt is tremendous. And by Jezebel‘s end, when both sisters look into the mirror, there’s a resignation and belief that all will be well — even if such conclusions are still left in doubt."  

-Robert Daniels

Tiffany Tenille
Tiffany Tenille

"Tiffany Tenille is doing great work as Tiffany within the film but entrancing to watch as “Jezebel,” turning on the clunky but convincing performative sensuality the way only a 19-year-old discovering themselves can."  -David Carter

"But none of these truly work in tandem without Tiffany Tenille’s performance. Her ability to shift from one extreme to another, often in one scene, is incredible. You believe her naïveté that’s seeded throughout, even as she gains more confidence. Plus, her relationship with Sabrina is one of appreciation and care. It’s the heart of the film that keeps the story steady, even with the craziness that surrounds it. A star is truly born by the end of the film and it’s a pleasure to watch."  -Joyce Childs


"There are so many elements to celebrate in Jezebel: the sincere and unapologetic performance by newcomer Tiffany Tenille, who nails the demure portrayal of a woman on a path to self-discovery, her nonchalant attitude and acceptance of sex work is a form of normalization, because it’s honest work." -Valerie Complex

Tiffany Tenille

"In her first starring role, Tenille brings a tremendous gravity to Tiffany and Jezebel’s sexual awakening, something we sense she previously did not give much thought to as she fantasies about both her newly-found powers of persuasion as well as her co-workers."  -John Fink


“I saw [Tenille] in a short film,” Perrier said. “She didn’t even have any lines, but I knew immediately — just the sensuality, her face, that mix of innocence and naughtiness — she just kind of lives in that intersection. I knew that’s what the role required, and she seemed brave.” - Soraya Nadia McDonald 

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